Personalized T cell therapy for solid tumors

Our immune system holds immense power to address diseases and restore our health. T cells are the elite soldiers of our immune system and T cell therapy has the potential for curative treatment of cancer. At PokeAcell, we master the activation of T cells towards selected cancer antigens, enabling us to develop T cell therapies with unique precision and functionality. With our ImmPACT activation platform, we can direct the desired T cell profile in a simple process and create multitargeted personalized T cell therapies to patients with no alternative treatments today.

Our mission is to provide curative treatment to patients with solid tumors – and achieve it soon.


Optimal T cell stimulation against immunogenic neoantigens

Our ImmPACT platform for T cell activation allow precise stimulation of T cells against immunogenic neoepitopes selected with PokeAcells proprietary AIM predictor.

AIM predicts neoepitope immunogenecity for each individual patient based on tumor material sequencing and PokeAcells proprietary pipeline. PokeAcell have unique insight to the neoepitope landscape and T cells response in solids tumor patients allowing us to predict and detect presence of immunogenic neoantigen reactive T cells in patients blood. 

ImmPACT mimics an Antigen Presenting Cells (APCs) and optimally regulates the desired profile of the T cells, while stimulating expansion of multiple antigen specific T cells simultaneously. Through ImmPACT we creates a multi-targeted cancer-specific T cell product from the patient’s blood – suitable for  heterogeneous solid tumor killing.

Other targets can be shared or virus antigens with high immunogenic properties and strong over representations in the tumor. ImmPACT is a modular platform and can be used with all types of antigens, and PokeAcell has distinct capabilities in selecting cancer antigens for optimal therapeutic effect.