Personalized T cell therapy for solid tumors

Our immune system holds immense power to address diseases and restore our health. T cells are the elite soldiers of our immune system and T cell therapy has the potential for curative treatment of cancer. At PokeAcell, we master the activation of T cells towards selected cancer antigens, enabling us to develop T cell therapies with unique precision and functionality. With our ImmPACT activation platform, we can direct the desired T cell profile in a simple process and create multitargeted personalized T cell therapies to patients with no alternative treatments today.

Our mission is to provide curative treatment to patients with solid tumors – and achieve it soon.


Strong, safe and simple T cell therapy

Our ImmPACT cell therapy is created from the patient’s own blood, from which cancer-specific T cells are activated and expanded using our ImmPACT technology. The technology acts as an Antigen Presenting Cell and creates a strong, safe and simple cell product with a unique profile in cell therapy.


  • A multitargeted and polyclonal T cell product
  • A strong functional T cell profile


  • Patients’ own T cells are activated – no genetic modifications
  • Antigens are “pre-validated” for off-tumor safety by the patients’ own immune system


  • A blood-based T cell product, with simple manufacturing process
  • 2 weeks from collection of blood to treatment