BioInnovation Institute has selected PokeAcell as one of four companies to join their Creation House program from April 1, 2020. During the program PokeAcell will access financing of 10 M DKK and the excellent facilities and business development capacities at BII.

“In the last decade, immunotherapies have shown to be efficient cancer therapy, but not without complications. In this crowded field of immunotherapy, PokeACells stood out with their unique approach using patients’ own T cells. They are moving immunotherapies into a new area of more efficient, personalized medicine with fewer side effects”, says Senior Scientific Business Developer at BII, Hervør Lykke Olsen.

PokeAcell is excited to join the other great start ups at BII and bringing our ImmPACT T cell product one step closer to helping solid tumor patients without proven treatment options today.