PokeAcell mission

PokeAcell’s mission is to provide curative treatment to solid tumor patients with no available treatment options. We combine a deep immunological understanding with state-of-the-art technology to create a better future for patients.

PokeAcell is based on the distinct expertise of our CSO Prof. Sine R. Hadrup, Ph.D., and her highly recognized scientific work within tumor antigen mapping and T cell detection. With our experienced founder team and world-leading advisors, PokeAcell aims to provide curative treatment to solid tumor patients with leadership in innovative T cell therapies. 



Anne is a senior pharma leader with 15 years’ experience in pharma from McKinsey & Co and Novo Nordisk. She has achieved several FDA cGMP and product approvals and has been Vice President of Corporate Strategy and M&A at Novo Nordisk.

Co-founder and CEO

Anne R. Cordt

Sine is an international scientific leader in T cell recognition of cancer. She brings 20 years’ experience in immunotherapy research, resulting in 8 patents, 80 articles, and more than 75 million DKK in academic fundraising in the past 5 years. She has successfully co-founded ImmuMap Services and Tetramer Shop.

Co-founder and CSO

Sine R. Hadrup, Ph.D & Prof., DTU

Thomas is a biotech leader with more than 28 years of biopharm experience focused on CMC and early stage development of oncology antibodies and other biologics. Thomas brings deep insight from his positions at AGC Biologics, Domantis Ltd., GSK, Crescendo and Microbiotica Ltd. In these positions Thomas, has progressed several compounds to clinical stages and spent 7 years in oncology. 


Thomas Sandal

Josephine is a senior medical oncologist with more than 20 years experience in pharmaceutical drug development in Europe and North America from companies such as Gilead Sciences, Ablynx and latest Storm Therapeutics . She has worked with more than 50 disease targets at various stages of development.

Clinical advisor

Josephine Holz, MD

Marcus in an immunologist with 20 years of experience within applied academic research at Lund University and DTU. He has been a research group leader for 7 years and has 25 peer-reviewed research publications within Immunology and Mucosal Immunology, focusing in particular on adaptive T cell immune responses.

Senior Scientist

Marcus Svensson Frej, Ph.D.

Cell Culture Research Scientist

Micaela is a biomedical scientist with a Ph.D. in Immunology and Infectious Diseases from the University of Copenhagen. During her four years at the Centre for Cancer Immune Therapy, she has researched in mechanisms hindering  efficacious anti-cancer immune response. The research has resulted in four peer-reviewed papers and two manuscripts in preparation.

Ana Micaela Simões, PhD

Jeppe is an engineer in pharmaceutical design with a PhD in T cell immuno-oncology from DTU. From his PhD, he has great knowledge of what characterizes tumor-specific neoantigens and the T cells that recognize these, particularly for highly mutational tumors.


Preclinical Scientist

Jeppe Sejerø Holm , Ph.D.

Ulla is human biologist with a PhD in immuno-oncology from DTU. In her 5 years of research experience she has created a deep insight to T cell antigen recognition with a particular focus on Merkel Cell Carcinoma. This has resulted in 2 peer-reviewed research publications and additional two in preparation for submission. 

Post Doc

Ulla Kring Hansen, PhD

 Birkir is an engineer in biotechnology and a PhD in bioinformatics with focus on immunoinformatics from Danish Technical University (DTU). In his PhD he develop state of the art neural network predictors of T cell immunogenecity showing competitive performance on neoepitope prediction. Birkir has published 6 per-reviewed papers and have two manuscripts in preparation on metagenomics.

Bioinformatics Scientist

Birkir Reynisson, Ph.D

Pia is a senior leader in biologics CMC development with 35+ years pharma experience, latest from Novo Nordisk A/S. She has been PVP for NovoRapid®/NovoMix® and CVP for the CMC development projects of Novo Nordisk R&D enabling successful global approvals.

Senior CMC advisor

Pia Thorbek, PhD

Laura is a senior leader in Regulatory CMC for biologics and cell&gene therapies. She brings experience from Sanofi-Genzyme and Fresenius-Kabi Swiss BioSim, in addition to her 5 years as CMC and Immunogenicity reviewer at the FDA. Laura has 15 years of research experience in Immunology and recently lead the regulatory CMC strategy for a CAR-T and gene therapy at Ziopharm Oncology.

Regulatory Advisor

Laura Salazar-Fontana, Ph.D

Aline is a biotechnology engineer with experience in process development of recombinant proteins. From protein production to purification, she has developed several processes for pharmaceutical and cosmetology industries.

Protein Expression Scientist

Aline Defforges,

Advisory Board

John is CSO Immunotherapy at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and is Committee Member in many Immuno Oncology programs within the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO). He has been one of the pioneers in cell therapy for solid cancers in Europe and has translated multiple IO developments from bench to bedside.

Professor & Medical Oncologist

John Haanen

Inge Marie is the leader of the National Center for Cancer Immune Therapy at Herlev University Hospital. She is heading multiple clinical trials in immunotherapy and has pioneered T cell therapy in Europe. She is also co-founder of IO Biotech.

Professor & Medical Oncologist

Inge Marie Svane

John is former CEO of F-star Biotechnology Ltd. and co-founder of Symphogen. He is a Biotech Board member and has substantial experience in leading biotech companies, fundraising and bringing products into clinical development.

Biotech Board member and advisor

John Haurum, MD, Ph.D

Jim is a senior leader in cell therapy CMC development and former VP of Process Development at IOvance. He brings 30+ years’ experience from gene therapy, dendritic cell-based therapy and TIL therapy. As part of his responsibilities, Jim has been involved in several FDA meetings on regulatory requirements to cell-based therapies.

Senior CMC advisor

Jim Bender, PhD

Søren has 20 years’ experience in drug discovery and T cell science from Novo Nordisk, Nuevolution, Immudex and DTU. He has invented and commercialized technology for HTS drug discovery and T cell manipulation and has successfully co-founded Tetramer Shop and sold it to 10xGenomics

Co-founder and Advisor

Søren N. Jakobsen, Ph.D