Simple T cell activation in 2 weeks with ImmPACT

  • T cell from patients blood are activated by cancer-antigen presentation and stimulatory molecules to mediate tumor killing
  • ImmPACT creates a strong multitargeted and polyclonal T cell product with an advantageous phenotype and high cytotoxic profile
  • All T cell clones are endogenous to patients, ensuring “pre-validation” of off-tumor safety
  • ImmPACT’s cell product is blood-based with a simple ex-vivo manufacturing process delivering treatments only 2 weeks from blood draw

Multitargeted cell products – Neoantigens selected with AIM

  • Optimal immunogenic neoantigens are identified with PokeAcell’s proprietary AIM predictor
  • AIM build on the largest known datasets on T cell recognition of neoantigens in cancer patients 
  • Multiple antigen peptides can be pursued in the same cell product and each cancer antigen creates a range of polyclonal T cells


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