Optimal T cell stimulation for a precise tumor killing

Our ImmPACT platform for T cell activation mimics the optimal natural stimulation of Antigen Presenting Cells (APCs). ImmPACT regulates the desired profile of the T cell product through a presentation of precisely selected antigens for tumor targeting and stimulatory molecules for T cell activation. This leads to tumor killing. Through ImmPACT, we create fully natural cancer-specific T cells from the patient’s blood – strong, safe and simple.

T cell activation and stimulation with ImmPACT

  • The T cell is activated by cancer-antigen presentation and stimulatory molecules to mediate tumor killing
  • Multiple cancer antigens can be pursued in the same cell product and each cancer antigen creates a range of polyclonal T cells
  • All T cell clones are endogenous to patients, ensuring “pre-validation” of off-tumor safety
  • The stimulation is optimized to create cytotoxic and persistent T cell profiles

Selecting effective cancer antigens

  • Cancer targets are antigens presented on the surface of the tumor cells
  • Targets can be shared antigens (shared across patients) with high immunogenic properties and strong overrepresentation in the tumor or neo-antigens that are specific to the individual patient and only represented in the tumor
  • PokeAcell’s lead candidate is a shared antigen product for Metastatic Melanoma, combining 30 melanoma antigens to create a strong, safe and simple T cell therapy
  • ImmPACT is a modular platform and can be used with all types of antigens, and PokeAcell has distinct capabilities in selecting cancer antigens for optimal therapeutic effect

    Strong, safe and simple T cell therapy – with ImmPACT

    • ImmPACT’s cell product can mediate solid tumor cell killing with a single injection
    • ImmPACT creates a strong multitargeted and polyclonal T cell product with an advantageous phenotype and high cytotoxic profile
    • Patients’ own T cells are activated – with no genetic modifications – ensuring “pre-validation” for off-tumor safety by the patients’ own immune system
    • ImmPACT’s cell product is blood-based with a simple ex-vivo manufacturing process delivering treatments only 2 weeks from blood draw